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Unplugged Services Mission

At Unplugged Services, we are passionately committed to empowering parents with the essential knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to safeguard and nurture their children's social media experiences. Our primary goal is to forge a united community of vigilant parents driven by the vision of fostering a safe and secure online environment for our children's growth and maturity.

Unplugged Services Courses

Adjusting to The Digital World: How to Identify Unhealthy Social Media Usage

Digital Literacy for Parents: Managing and Monitoring Your Child's Digital Footprint

Snapchat: Understanding its Dangers to Kids & How to Cope

Tiktok: Attention Deficit, Security Concerns, & Suicidal Content

Instagram: Forcing Anxiety & Depression on Kids

"Unplugged Services has been a game changer for my teenager. I absolutely love their monthly newsletter. Thank you!"

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Unplugged Services Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

“The average parent allows their child a smartphone at age 10, opening up a world inaccessible to previous generations, with unlimited access to news, social media and other privileges previously reserved for adults, forcing them into emotional maturity before they reach adulthood”

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With cyberbullying, strangers, and Inappropriate content just a click away, It is important now more then ever to stay updated on the dangers of social media and be equipped with knowledge and tools necessary to help your child with social media safety and maturity. To view everything included in the free monthly newsletter, click the "sign up" button.

Unplugged Services

Events & Seminars

We at Unplugged Services are determined to form a community of caring parents who wish to ensure social media safety and maturity for their children and others. Which is why we host events and seminars where parents can connect with each other and learn from experts and professionals in a live viewing setup. To learn more about an event near you, click the "sign up" button.